8 Tips to Kick A** in 2018

Focus on Your Strengths and Attack What is Stopping You...

I just finished my 2018 goal planning that includes quarterly goals which I’m pretty excited about. As I was preparing for my “goal planning” I listened to a podcast by Gary Vaynerchuk. He had some good nuggets to keep in mind while setting your 2018 goals. Here are some of mine and his nuggets to keep in mind while you layout your plan to execute.

  • Stop Complaining
  • Figure Out Who You Are
  • Double Down on What Your Good At (Your Strengths)
  • Figure Out What Fires You Up (Your Passions)
  • Get Tunnel Vision and Focus on Only a Few Things This Year
  • Attack or Address Who is Holding You Back
  • Attack What is Holding You Back
  • Adjust Your Mindset to No Excuses This Year

I thought these were good reminders to run through mentally while planning 2018 and beyond. One thing to consider when you are doing your 2018 goals, is to think beyond 1 year. Think also about who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in:

  • 3 – 5 Years
  • 10 Years
  • 25 Years

Minimize your regrets by being real about you, real about what you want to accomplish, and real about your legacy (how you want to be remembered). The top regret is not doing what you wanted to do and doing what others told you to do.

Remember – If it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a No!!!

Action Items

  • Think about what you want to accomplish in 2018 and validate it with the “Hell Yes” Test.
  • Own Your Days, starting with your mornings, here is how.
  • Know You by Doing this Assessment (its free) – www.16personalities.com
  • Do Your Own Life Plan – It is your life so own it.

Luck is one thing, but planning and effort is a better plan for you. Take charge of your future and enjoy the ride.

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