4 Step Secret to Live Intentional with Your Phone

My wife and I were in a restaurant last week and the person waiting on us commented on my phone case. phone picAs you can see from the picture, it is a picture of our family which I like to keep with me all the time. I know we can pull up pictures on our phones, but when I simply can turn my phone over and there they are it puts a smile on my face.

The cool part of what I am going to tell you is I did not purchase my phone case with the picture – I made it. Below are the 4 quick steps to make your own custom phone case with whatever you want to have in your face. A lot of people like to have their family picture on the back, but it can be your priorities, your life plan summary, goals for year, your core values, your mission statement, or whatever you want it to be.

4 Steps to Your Custom Phone Case

  1. Purchase a phone case with a clear back. Sample Cases – iPhone 5 , iPhone 6
  2. Print a Picture on 4×6 paper or 4×6 photo stock. (regular paper can work too)
  3. Put case over picture and trace on the outside and cut the picture to fit in the case with camera hole.
  4. Slip picture in phone case and snap phone in.

If you mess up the first one, which is likely, don’t get frustrated, just print another and try again. Eventually it will get easier and you will have a nice template to use when you want to update your phone. The nice thing about this is you can change your phone look to help you with what you are working on for yourself. You can even combine goals with pictures and make a collage. It’s really unlimited with the editing software we have at our finger tips.

Quick Tip – Microsoft Word has all the photo editing software built in now. You can even have it outline a person in a picture with the “Remove Background” feature so you can pull multiple people from different pictures into one. Just paste the picture into word, double click on it and the remove background button should appear.

For me, having my family on the back of my phone, and my wife and I on the front as the lock screen makes me feel close to them and reminds me of why I do some of the things I do. Like everything in life, goals, values, and time can slip or fade away from us pretty fast without us realizing it till we look back and reflect on what happened. The boiling frog scenario and the song slow fade really hit home if you aren’t intentional about your days.

Action Items

  • Think about what you want to keep in your face every day.
  • Find or create an ideal picture of what would remind you of this.
  • Follow the 4 steps and create your phone case.
  • Share or comment on my blog what you did.

Good Luck, have fun with this and share it to help others live on purpose.