3 Ways to Fail at Everything in Life

I was talking to a close friend about people that just blame and complain and how destructive it can be to a person and their future. Weird enough as I was discussing this topic I ran across the facebook post that summed it up pretty concisely.

3 Ways to Fail at Everything in Life

  1. Blame All your Problem on Others
  2. Complain About Everything
  3. Not Be Grateful

Have you checked yourself on the above topics? Do you blame all your problems on others, complain how you were brought up, or circumstances you faced? Some people refer to this as BCD – blame, complain, and defend. It is often an immediate first reaction when we are confronted with difficult situations. For some, BCD has become a habit. It has become a default way of reacting to challenging events.

Coach Urban Meyer explains, “BCD has never solved a problem, achieved a goal, or improved a relationship. Stop wasting your time and energy on something that will never help you.”

If you have this tendency, it can be toxic to you and everyone around you. This habit can be your way of thinking but you should eliminate BCD with all your power as nothing good will come from this thinking. It just creates a culture of excuse making and victimization.

Action Items

  • Evaluate your days for a week and keep track of how many times you:
    • Blame Others
    • Complain about anything
    • Have an un-grateful thought or word
  • If it’s more than 1 time, start rewiring your mind to respond different. It’s not hard, it just takes effort. As soon as you create new neuropathways in your mind, you will respond differently to situations that could have been toxic.
  • If you see someone blaming or complaining, stop them and discuss the above. The world can be a much better place if we got rid of BCD attitudes.

Good Luck….