In a 100 Years What is Going to Matter?

Are you living your legacy today...

In a 100 years what is going to matter is a mindset most of us don’t really want to think about. We had our solar eclipse this past Monday and for some it was the only total solar eclipse they are going to see. The next one will be in 100 years which is weird to think about. Looking this far out gets you into a mindset of legacy thinking because your beliefs and values can be seen and continue through someone else if you are intentional about them. My wife and I work on being intentional in life and one big focus for us is making sure our daughters understand our beliefs and values.  If we want our belief system around in 100 years, we know it has to be through them and their families.

The question of what type of legacy do you want to leave is often discussed when my wife and I do life plans for others. One way to ease into mindset is to start with a few shorter future views:

In 10 Years What is Going to Matter?

In 20 Years What is Going to Matter?

One of the biggest reasons for doing a Life Plan is the truth that legacy happens by how we live life today. All of us need more focus on legacy and the impact we hope to leave behind because legacy is built as we do life. When you die, you leave a legacy, but you lost the opportunity to leave and build an intentional legacy. When you do this you just leave the sum total of how you lived your life – good or bad. Being focused on how we live is essential if we want to build intentionality into our legacy.

One big reason I wrote my workbook – You in the Sweet Spot is so others can do a Life Plan themselves to get their life moving the way they want it really to move. Going through life without a plan will never allow you to maximize your potential and build a legacy.

“You Don’t Plan to Fail, You Fail to Plan”.

Action Plan

  • Do A Life Plan
  • Think about what is going to matter in 50 and 100 years – really digest and see it. Your kids, your kids -kids, your kids friend. The ripple effect of your legacy can be big!!!

Best of Luck and start thinking Legacy…